The R Family | Marlborough, MA family photographer

I photographed this family when they were only a family of three, and now they’re a family of four! I love being able to watch families grow, and I’m so glad I got to spend some more time with this family before they moved out of state – they are absolutely wonderful, and will be missed! Hopefully, this won’t be the last I see of them.

This time, we decided to meet at a park close to their home. Alice was a joy, playing and running all over the place, and Ben pretty much just hung out. He was definitely one of the more mellow babies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

Brianna Verdolino, Storytelling Photographer Family Photographer Marlborough Marloboro MA Mass Massachusetts Central Massachusetts Reinke004 Reinke005 Reinke009 Reinke011 Reinke013 Reinke014 Reinke017 Reinke020 Reinke026 Reinke031 Reinke033 Reinke034


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