Love Stories: Samantha & Brendon // North Brookfield, MA


I’ve known Sam for over 10 years. I’ve always known her to be forever smiling – and that’s exactly what happened on her and Brendon’s wedding day. Every piece of the day was just full of laughter and love.

Check out the incredible Alice in Wonderland details. I was so impressed with the attention to every little detail – and the hats! So cool.

(A HUGE thank you to my second shooter, Heather, for helping me out on this one.)Tivnan_Love_Story_001 Tivnan_Love_Story_003 Tivnan_Love_Story_007 Tivnan_Love_Story_017 Tivnan_Love_Story_018 Tivnan_Love_Story_020 Tivnan_Love_Story_023 Tivnan_Love_Story_030 Tivnan_Love_Story_031 Tivnan_Love_Story_033 Tivnan_Love_Story_035 Tivnan_Love_Story_037 Tivnan_Love_Story_040 Tivnan_Love_Story_042 Tivnan_Love_Story_043 Tivnan_Love_Story_049 Tivnan_Love_Story_057 Tivnan_Love_Story_058 Tivnan_Love_Story_066 Tivnan_Love_Story_067 Tivnan_Love_Story_074 Tivnan_Love_Story_079 Tivnan_Love_Story_085 Tivnan_Love_Story_098 Tivnan_Love_Story_105 Tivnan_Love_Story_107 Tivnan_Love_Story_109 Tivnan_Love_Story_111 Tivnan_Love_Story_113 Tivnan_Love_Story_116 Tivnan_Love_Story_121 Tivnan_Love_Story_123 Tivnan_Love_Story_134 Tivnan_Love_Story_136 Tivnan_Love_Story_139 Tivnan_Love_Story_163 Tivnan_Love_Story_167 Tivnan_Love_Story_174 Tivnan_Love_Story_175 Tivnan_Love_Story_182 Tivnan_Love_Story_193 Tivnan_Love_Story_195 Tivnan_Love_Story_199 Tivnan_Love_Story_200 Tivnan_Love_Story_212 Tivnan_Love_Story_223 Tivnan_Love_Story_225 Tivnan_Love_Story_226 Tivnan_Love_Story_227 Tivnan_Love_Story_230 Tivnan_Love_Story_231 Tivnan_Love_Story_245 Tivnan_Love_Story_252 Tivnan_Love_Story_298


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