Tips and Tricks: Taking better pictures of your children.

Tip: Switch up your angles.

This is probably the easiest way to get creative with photos. Instinctively, we take photos pretty straight on, with a person sitting or standing in front of us. But what if you take an extra few seconds to think of a different angle?


Shooting from above makes tons of sense for babies who can’t quite sit up on their own yet.
Bonus: check out all that light reflecting off this little guys eyes! In photographer-talk, those are called “catch lights,” and they were only possible in this shot because the bright sky was straight above him.


But it works for big kids rolling around in the grass, too! This is a little different, and wasn’t too easy to get without being at a weird almost-above-but-to-the-side angle. But, tons of fun, and the grass makes a great natural backdrop. Try this with hardwood floors, patterned carpets, quilts, etc.


Shooting from the side is easy, and creates a whole different feel. Had I shot this photo from in front of her, we wouldn’t be seeing much, if any, of her cute little face. Like my first tip said, get right down on their level – only this time, from the side!


From the side, you can get a nice close-up profile, too. In this first shot of my big girl, she was singing and whipping her head around. As she tipped it back, I snapped this shot. If I had been in front of her? Right up the nose. Gross. The second shot here is of my littlest – check out those eyelashes. I’m fairly certain I have a straight on shot like this, too. Sometimes it works both ways!


From behind. A lot of the time, this can create boring or just plain weird photos. Sometimes, though, we can get focus on some great details. This shot – oh dear! Look at those little baby leg rolls… they kill me with cuteness! Other ideas would be, for instance, a child holding hands with someone, sleeping children, focusing on clothing or little wisps of hair, or even funny little kid dance moves could be interesting!

To sum it up – just move around! Look with your eyes first, then with the camera. Climb up on things, lay on the floor, run around in circles. Do what you’ve gotta do to get those interesting shots! =]

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