What ____ looks like, January.

“What ___ looks like” is a blog project I’ve come across time and time again over the past year – and I made it a goal of mine to start my own for 2013. So, I collected a few of my favorite photographer friends, and asked them if they’d join me in this little photography […]

I Heart Faces Challenge: Best Face of 2012

I haven’t entered an I Heart Faces photo challenge in a very very long time. I thought I’d try my hand at it again. This week’s challenge is simple: best face of 2012. It was really, REALLY difficult for me to choose a photo… but this one kept coming back to mind. In all the […]

Tips and Tricks: Taking better pictures of your children.

Tip: Switch up your angles. This is probably the easiest way to get creative with photos. Instinctively, we take photos pretty straight on, with a person sitting or standing in front of us. But what if you take an extra few seconds to think of a different angle? Shooting from above makes tons of sense […]

Tips and Tricks: Taking better pictures of your children.

Childhood is documented like never before. Most people have a camera with them at all times, whether it be a fancy DSLR, or the handy camera on a phone. We can share with all our friends and family instantly via social networking sites, and without a doubt our children will have a GIANT collection of […]